2016 in 16 photos

2016. I shot a lot of photos along this year. Here is a selection of my most favorite ones.
Each one comes with a text explaining why I like it that much. 


  1 - le WHARF - january

We went to the Atlantic coast with my old friends. We had a long walk on the pier, facing the rain and the heavy wind.  We were standing above the waves, we were completely wet but the view was amazing. I shot many photos during this afternoon, and one of them became a part of a screen-print series for the launch of my best friends' VASCO watch brand. Few weeks after this day, my brother Marius and him went to this place to film the manifest video of the brand.

2 - Compiègne - march

A visit to my step-parents in France. It was good to spend some cosy time with the family. I shot this photo during a walk we did in the Compiègne forrest. The size of this tree was incredible and we all felt so tiny beside it. This is what I wanted to capture in this photo.

3 - Melissa and Ryan

I was asked to shoot photos of my friends Melissa and Ryan, who were expecting their first baby this year. This was a sunny afternoon and we walked around the castle of Nuremberg. It was good to spend some time with such a beautiful and inspiring couple.

4 - Barcelonetta

We went to Barcelone for a weekend to meet our friends. First time of the year we could enjoy the sun on the beach and play volleyball. We had a lot of good conversations and that was fun to be back in this city after three years.

5 - Royan

Royan has always been my holidays destination, as it's very close to my hometown and my grand-parents live there. I went there in June for two days, before the city gets too crowded for summer. 
I think this photo tells a lot about it, the family, the candies, the ballons, the "Pêche aux canards" (Duck fishing) and the promenade in the background.

6 - Talmont

My parents drove us to this place during a week we spent in France in July. It was a beautiful tiny fishermen village on the coast. That was a good day, it was sunny and very windy. I liked the atmosphere there, everything was beautiful, flowers and birds everywere, kites in the air. Good memories.

7 - Venice Beach - Los Angeles

I  had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles for a week with very inspiring people. That was my first time in this city and I tried to visit as many places as I could. On the first day we went to Venice and we shot some classic skateboarding photos with the bro Henry West. This sunset on the beach was beautiful.

8 - Los Angeles downtown

This was the day we met the LA based photographer Van Style , who got us the opportunity to flight over Los Angeles on an helicopter to shoot photos. First time of my life I did such a thing and I couldn't feel more grateful.

9 - Ben et Sandrine

During a week I spent alone in Bordeaux in July, I had the pleasure to meet with my best friends Ben and Sandrine who was pregnant at this time. They asked me to do a portrait of them. We went to the coast (Soulac) and shot some photos there..

10 - August 15th in Estaing

For our summer holidays, we went to Estaing in the center of France in my girlfriend's family. We were there on this special day and we enjoyed the fireworks once the night arrived. It took me a long time to manage to get this shot. I really wanted to capture this beautiful scene of this little boy sitting on his father's shoulders watching the lights in the sky.

11 - Lights in the woods

We went for a hike with our friends Julie and Laura in some forests somewhere in Bavaria. I shot this photo at the end of the afternoon when the sun started to fall. This moment was beautfiful and I am glad I could catch it.

12 - Bride's bouquet

At the wedding of our friend Adeline, in Le Cap Ferret (Fr). That was the moment the bride is asked to send her flowers over her shoulder to a group of women in the back, ready to catch them. 

13 - Retinue of pigeons

This day I had the chance to meet with Pep Williams, LA based photographer, for a photography workshop in Nuremberg. I am quite amused by this photo of pigeon, flying one after the other, in parallel with the path in the back.

14 - Family light

I shot this photo during a lunch with my step-family in Compiègne. The light in this room is always beautiful, especially around lunch time. I like this photo a lot.

15 - Red Moon

Beginning of december we were all expecting this lunar phenomenon. I stayed late at work and I shot many many photo that night. I am glad I managed to catch this funny one. As you can see, a goose flew in between the moon and my camera exactly at the time I pressed the shutter button.

16 - Christmas in Nuremberg

 So many beautiful things to see all around the city of Nuremberg, especially in my neighborhood. The smell of the "Glühwein" (hot wine) in the air, the sound of the horses walking on the streets, crowds of friends and families everywhere, December is definitely a beautiful month to end the year, each year.

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